Rehabilitation at home

Rehabilitation at home: Stretching

Accessories: rod, string or belt.

All the stretching exercises should be done with the correct initial position: straight back, contracted scapulae, shoulders at the same level.

Exercise no. 1:

initial position: grab the rod with your two hands and sit on the chair so that the back adheres to the chair-back, lift your straight arms. Hold this position for 10 seconds. Go back to the initial position.

Exercise no. 2:

initial position is the same as in Exercise no. 1. During this exercise hold the arms up, try to look through the left shoulder and rotate your torso then go back to the initial position and make the same move in the opposite direction.

Exercise no. 3:

initial position: sit astride on the chair in front of its back. Straight your back and contract the scapulae. Put your arms loosely to the back while holding the rod. Then try to move the rod backwards gradually increasing the range. Remember, do not lean forward while exercising. Go back to the initial position.

Exercise no. 4:

lie on your back. Outstretch your arms over your head, try to make circles around the surface of the ground until you join your hips. Exercise slowly and carefully without hurrying. Repeat the exercise 10 – 15 times.

Exercise no. 5:

stand up straight and outstretch your arms aside. Try to make small circles of the shoulders backwards gradually increasing the radius of the circle. Repeat the motion 10 times and then do further 10 circles in the opposite direction.