PoMasto Project “Back to social life of women after mastectomy”

PoMasto Project

PoMasto Project “Back to social life of women after mastectomy”

The system of care of women after mastectomy has become one of the fastest developing topics in the field of health in recent years, but there is a lack of specialized medical staff who is sensitive to this problem. In most cases, the care ends at the moment of completion of cancer treatment and breast removal.

The aim of the PoMasto project is to raise the awareness and sensitivity of medical staff as well as their qualifications in the field of new psycho – medical solutions, “soft” interpersonal skills, but also improvement of quality of women’s life after mastectomy, including their total back to active, fully fledged functioning in society. Further development of the vocational training and model care will allow to perform their professional skills in a better way, what will have an influence on the comfort and the quality of life of patients, not only after surgery and during the convalescence, but also in later time relating back to a normal life.

Training courses and workshops carried out in each partner’s organization aiming at the improvement of the quality of care for patients after a mastectomy, i.e. an innovative treatment using new methods of rehabilitation (eg. psychological group) and the education of society (workshops, picnics), have the effect on the development of new personalized therapy of women. The project results – training materials (mini handbook, leaflets) and e-learning platform created by the Partners will be a helpful for medical staff as well as for women after mastectomy. Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices between foreign partners is an excellent solution that may reinforce the idea of the project. Close cooperation with renowned organizations enables to enhance the objectives of the project at the highest international level.