Parties agreed that within the cooperation for the innovation and exchange of good practices, strategic partnership for education and vocational training form a PARTNERSHIP for the joint implementation of the project entitled ”Back to social life of a woman after mastectomy” under the Erasmus+ program.

The aim of the partnership is the implementation of project aiming at increase the comfort and the quality of life, full return to social, family and professional life of a women after mastectomy, as well as the creation of the training modules and extending of vocational training within competence and skills of specialists working with women after mastectomy i.e. surgeons, physical therapists, psychologists, pathologists, dieticians.

The Partnership consists of:

Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital – Research Institute (PMMH-RI) is a leading reference center (third degree) in the field of obstetrics, gynecology and pediatrics, which conducts scientific research and provides specialized medical services for the residents of the central region of Poland. The strength and high medical standard of the Institute are guaranteed by distinguished team of physicians and researchers.

The educational potential of the Institute encompasses vast area of medicine and life sciences initially with reproductive endocrinology and gynecology, through obstetrics, fetal disorders and pediatrics up to aging related pathology. The Institute closely cooperates with the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Ministry of Health, Polish Academy of Sciences, Medical Center of Postgraduate Education and other scientific and research institutions. Scientific community of the Institute belongs to international scientific networks.

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The Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine (NIOM) was established in 1954. It is a scientific and research center that deals with issues related to public health, environmental health and to all the fields of study connected with broadly understood occupational medicine.

The scope of our activity has evolved over time, in accordance with the national and global standards, as it is our goal to provide the highest quality solutions aimed at creating better life and work conditions. We have been conducting scientific research for more than fifty years and our knowledge is at all times made available to others. We are the country’s leading center which provides training for medicine specialists. Numerous companies and institutions have trusted us and benefited from our knowledge and competences. We make every effort  to ensure that each of our contractors is treated fairly and professionally. Therefore, we put great emphasis on constant development. We focus on quality, which is confirmed by, among others, accreditation of our laboratories obtained from the Polish Center for Accreditation.

Nevertheless, our greatest assets are our employees and associates. Throughout the years, many people, not only scientists, have bound their professional life and careers with the Institute. We are proud of their work and achievements.

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Institutul Postliceal Phoenix (IPP) is an NGO Organization/Association, situated in North-West Romania, working at national level.

Until 2006 the main activity of the Organization was the postsecondary education in the following fields: creative advertising strategy, advertising agency creative team (copywriter, art director), applied modern languages (economic or legal bilingual translator), secretariat (manager assistant bilingual / trilingual – operator office), accounts, applied informatics (computing and networking equipment technician).

Since 2006 the Association provides adult training courses, qualifications/specializations for the following occupations: Art director, DTP- designer, Web designer, Graphic designer, human resources inspector. IPP also offers modules in word processing, data bases, graphic designs, multimedia and Internet skills. Most of the activities have targeted vulnerable groups: disabled people, Roma minority, young people from placement centers, people from rural areas, migrants and unemployed people. During the period 2008-2015 the Organization developed Phare, Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig and European Social Funds projects with the purpose of increasing the social and professional integration of vulnerable groups from North-West, Central and South-East Regions of Romania. An important result of the exchange of best practices accomplished during the EU partnerships was the development of the Moodle-based e-learning environment in the Adult Education department. In 2008 and so far the Organization has coordinated three consortia in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program. The main purpose of the projects carried out by IPP is to help the people to open and to empower their own business and to increase the number of the Romanian entrepreneurs.

Since 2013 the Organization created the Oncosuport department in order to help the reintegration of people with cancer in the social and profesional life, providing: ICT courses, nutrition courses, psychosocial support activities, occupational therapy. The activity of the Oncosuport department is voluntary.

The association is founder member of Cluj SMEs Business Women Patronat, Romanian Accreditee Trainer Organizations Patronat and Integrative Medicine Patronat.

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MBM Training and Development Center (MBM TDC) is an adult education institution that provides training and development opportunities, through specialized programs and services which positively influence individual and community growth. With representation and operational offices in different countries of Europe, MBM TDC has highly experienced professionals in the training design, delivery and evaluation as well as in the research fields.

MBM TDC`s mission is to build sustainable personal and organizational growth by integrating strategy development, innovation capabilities, and new growth initiatives.

Our method of delivery includes contract training, seminars, non-credit classes and a variety of consulting services. We design programs tailored to meet every client`s needs. MBM TD Center delivers a variety of customized programs and trainings for a wide range of clients, both in the UK and internationally. In MBM TDC we work on: Development of entrepreneurship skills; Career development; Technical and Vocational Education and Training; Disability Management; Immigrant Inclusion Programs as well as delivering Creative Trainings and Developing Creative Thinking Skills. MBM TDC programs in organizational development and personal career growth offer a wide range or tailor-made multi-disciplinary services. Our coaching programs offer holistic approach to the personal and carrier coaching, based on our client’s expressed interests, goals and objectives. We deliver a wide range of consultancy services for businesses, non-profit organizations and charities, as well as to individuals. We are dedicated to continually improving our client services and to assuming leadership in the profession of career development.

Our organizational strategy and regional plans include key stakeholder requirements to ensure differing needs are met and avoid unintended adverse impacts on any stakeholders.

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Surekli Egitim, Arastirma ve Danisma Dernegi (SEADDER) is a voluntary and non-profit association. It has been founded to carry out the activities of education, research and consulting to ensure lifelong learning, and to support and collaborate with the individuals and institutions working on these subjects..
SEADDER consists of members and voluntary personnel, educators, teachers, consultants, special educators for disabled people, doctors, educationists, psychologists, adult educators, ICT specialists, education programmers, vocational trainers, education schedulers, linguists, youth researchers, artists.
OUR VISION: “Education from the cradle to the grave” to ensure that people live actively.
SEADDER is an association that conducts activity in all fields of education. In other words within the scope of our work are: youth education, training for people with disabilities, vocational training, adult education and female education.
Target groups; children, youth, adults, women, families, disabled people, migrants, seniors.

Some activities carried out by the SEADDER:

  • to render the services of education, research and consulting to ensure lifelong learning,
  • to provide individuals and institutions with the consulting services about the choice of profession and vocational training,
  • to develop a schedule for youth education, adult education, disabled education and vocational training fields, to collaborate with public and private agencies and institutions in home country and abroad on these subjects,
  • to conduct the activities of education, research and consulting for children, young people, women, migrants, people with poor financial status and the groups at social risk,
  • to conduct activities to increase the employment, entrepreneurship of the young people, women and disabled people,
  • to develop training programs for the people with superior intelligence and the gifted individuals,
  • cultural and artistic activities for youth, women and seniors,
  • to organize courses, seminars, conferences and panels, etc.,
  • to carry out international activities, to conduct projects with the institutions in home country and abroad, and to cooperate with them.

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